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 Happy weekend!!!

Happy Valentine people!!!  May God’s true love fill our hearts, may it reflect in our actions, thoughts and achievements.  Amen! So a valentine special for you guys, something to read, and beautiful pictures to look at, that would make your day more pleasant and interesting…

This post is about the: “WC TRAINEE FASHION SHOW (2)”. The fashion show held on the 1st of February 2015, at: 29, Ayodele Okeowo Street Soluyi Gbagada near chevron roundabout/deeper life bible church. It was a ‘Garden Theme Fashion Show’. The show officially started by 2.45pm by our lovely MC, Make-Up artist extraordinaire: Ibilola Tiwo, after which Wunmi Adebayo gave a brief introduction on WC training school, and explained the essence of the show. We had three wonderful judges: Mr Adetunji Adebiyi (C.E.O Rhobes clothing company, a fast growing fashion outfit and a multi faceted young person, from fashion to public speaking, web site: www.rhobes.com) , Miss Abimbola Are (Fresh graduate of Parsons the New School of Fashion in NY, with a great flare for fabric prints and Fashion illustration) and stylish Miss Titi Belo( Architect, Fashion Designer  running the label ‘Titi Belo’).

The first designer to show case was Miss Uche Mukolo, the name of her collection was: ‘Something For Everyone’, she was inspired by Nigerians Lifestyle, to quote her’ Nigerians love going out, I created a collection for different types of occasions’.  Her collection was definitely a reflection of her inspiration, my favorite outfits in her collection was the jumpsuit she wore: the choice of fabric, the fit, the black piping details, and the elastic bottom, it was definitely a show stopper. Another favorite piece of mine was the child models outfit; it was so cute, excellent choice of fabric, good colour blend, and excellent tailoring! I was also impressed with the evening dress she made, the cowl drape attachment at the back, because they were taught the drape technique, but she managed to pull it off. Overall it was a great collection, well-done Uche!  Below are Uche Designs:

front viewbackDSC03920_optDSC03925_optDSC03937_optDSC03947_optDSC03949_optDSC03927_optDSC03929_optDSC03936_optDSC03973_opt DSC03963_opt

The second designer to show case was: Miss Shayo Olabiyi, the name of her collection was:’Amal(Hope)’, she was inspired by the Classy Fashionable Modest  Woman. To quote her:’ I was inspired by the need to have dresses which are not only classy but modest. I wanted a collection of clothes that are so well made they make everyone want to wear modest clothes. I also love unique and artistic fabrics that do not necessarily have to be patterned or plain but are appealing. I love to look good and basically just translated my sense of style into the collection. There are pieces for every type of occasion.’ Shayo’s collection had a lot of likes because her designs, choice of fabric, tailoring, style and execution was flawless. What I really liked about shayo’s collection was that each outfit made a statement and reflected her aesthetic, she challenged herself used all the techniques she learned during her training, it was a versatile collection. Below are shayo’s designs:

DSC04010_opt DSC04008_optDSC04015_opt DSC04017_opt DSC04022_opt DSC04024_opt DSC04037_opt DSC04039_opt DSC04042_opt(1) DSC04046_opt DSC04047_opt DSC04054_opt DSC04059_opt DSC04065_opt(1)

designer :shayo

designer :shayo

The third designer to showcase was: Miss Mojisola Esan, the name of her collection was: Classy woman, as name signifies that was her inspiration. To quote her:’ I created a strong and confident woman’. Moji’s choice of fabrics were great, I particularly liked the purple damask she used , and the yellow n grey fabric for the jumpsuit. Moji’s designs were great and had different elements to it. Below are moji’s designs:


Designer: Moji

DSC04086_opt DSC04087_opt DSC04090_opt DSC04091_opt DSC04097_opt DSC04099_opt DSC04101_optDSC04106_opt DSC04104_optDSC04096_opt DSC04118_opt(1)DSC04124_opt

The fourth designer to showcase was: Miss Chineye Anih, the name of her collection was: Plainly Pretty, she was inspired by monotones. To quote her:’I was inspired by an old photo, it was in black and white had the vintage classic kind of look, so I wanted the models to look this way. But along the line, black and white looked too boring and I decided to add some life n modern feel to it by adding the colour yellow to it. Chineye really impressed me with this collection, first she used different fabrics to create her own fabric, her collection was the most cohesive and it reflected her aesthetic. My favorite outfits in her collection, were the two white dresses, the detailing on those dresses were flawless. Below are Chineye’s designs:

DSC04138_opt DSC04185_opt DSC04182_opt DSC04179_opt DSC04177_opt DSC04175_opt DSC04174_opt DSC04171_opt DSC04170_opt DSC04165_opt DSC04163_optDSC04224_optDSC04187_opt(1)DSC04195_opt(1)

Designer ; chineye

Designer ; chineye

The fifth designer to showcase was: Miss Dolapo Animashaun, the name of her collection was: ’Turbannation’. To quote her: ’I was inspired by modesty plus bold fashion statements.’ Dolapo’s collection was a show stopper so many amazing outfits with different twist to them, her choice of fabric and attention to little details made the outfits unique. Dolapo’s strong point is her styling and love for colors and prints which reflected in her collection.  Below are dolapo’s designs:

DSC04251_opt DSC04253_opt DSC04255_opt DSC04259_opt DSC04262_opt DSC04264_opt DSC04267_opt DSC04271_opt DSC04278_opt DSC04284_opt DSC04293_opt(1) DSC04297_opt DSC04321_optDSC04275_opt



The sixth designer to showcase was; Miss Maria Ojo, the name of her collection was:’Every Woman’. To quote her:’ My inspiration came from the daily living and activities of a woman which is woven around the homely, casual and simple movement of any woman starting from her domestic life, down to official and social life. Regardless of the season, ‘every woman’ exudes confidence, sophistication, enthusiasm, beauty and simplicity in her wear. She fits into any occasion.’ Maria’s collection reflected her personal style and aesthetic. She played with light and bold colours to define each occasion and mood. My favorite outfit in her collection was the monostrap mermaid dress; the choice of fabric was great, and the fit and detailing of the dress. Below is Maria’s collection:


Designer: Maria

DSC04336_opt DSC04354_opt DSC04354_opt(1) DSC04352_opt DSC04348_opt DSC04344_opt DSC04343_opt DSC04340_opt DSC04339_opt DSC04338_optDSC04376_optDSC04374_opt

After all designers had showcased their collection, we presented the designers with their certificates and gifts. The certificates were presented by ‘Mr Oluwaponle Adeleke’ C.EO REVES clothing. The judges gave their analysis on each designer’s collections, likes and dislikes, high points and low points. Generally it was a win –win for everyone because they all did really well given that they were just trained for 3months.



Winner:Shayo, she had the highest score!

Winner: Shayo, she had the highest score!

DSC04524_opt DSC04520_opt DSC04514_opt DSC04511_opt DSC04507_opt DSC04506_opt DSC04504_opt DSC04500_opt DSC04493_opt DSC04489_opt DSC04488_opt

More pictures below:


Our Wonderful Judges


Our Very Organized M.C

DSC04566_opt(1) DSC04562_opt DSC04561_opt(1) DSC04555_opt DSC04542_opt DSC04536_optDSC04478_opt DSC04467_opt DSC04454_opt DSC04447_opt DSC04441_opt DSC04433_opt DSC04424_opt DSC04422_opt DSC04420_opt DSC04416_opt DSC04412_opt DSC04405_opt DSC04397_opt DSC04392_opt DSC03812_opt DSC03821_opt DSC03834_opt


1 Uche Mukolo Muche Couture 08027270618, bb pin: 53035DD2
2. Shayo Olabiyi Zulaykha sadeshayo@yahoo.com, 08066953165
3 Moji Esan Outfits by ME 08161333085, bb pin:530084D0
4 Chineye Anih Grace Wears 08132222490, bbpin:52DC5303
5 Dolapo  Animashaaun ALMAS dolapoanimashaun@ymail.com, 08067541155, bbpin:7afaf9bc
6 Maria Ojo Shobabe Couture 08091512209, mysholape@yahoo.com,  bbpin:75067447

NB: New session of training starts in March , will write a detailed post and send out soon! If you know anyone out there with a passion for tailoring and fashion, show them love by recommending the WC Training School, better still give them a resourceful valentine gift by making part-payment or full-payment of their tuition fees @ WC Training School! You will be glad you did! J..  Thanks for reading!

Quote of the day: “Let There Be Love Shared Amongst Us”!


Addy: 11 Adetayo Osho Street, off Folagoro Street, near Tabade Pharmacy.

Phone No: 08160413107

Email Addy: wunmmiescouture@yahoo.com



  1. Temitayo Ogunjemilua


    Very impressive styles and concepts!!!!
    Especially so because they got just from 3months of training!!!! That means excellent delivery and total commitment from WC training school, not to memtion the obvious zeal from the trainees…

    I applaud all the participants, although I am secretly pleased that Shayo had the highest score, because even before getting that little information, I thought her styles and concept were very unique, classy and gave every one of the models an elegant look… Her finishing, I thought was also real good!!! By extraction (if I may), I can thus say that WC must have put together the best of the best, as judges for this fashion show!!!! Special thanks to the management of WC training school for thoughtfully doing this, as this I am sure creates publicity for the trainees and their work…

    In conclusion, taking out time to view this makes me really appreciate the WC more, nothing only for the work they do, but also giving ladies an opportunity to learn Nd then providing an avenue to showcase their talent….

    Way to go Wunmi….
    Will definitely refer!!!

  2. Adedapo Oyerinde

    I’m really impressed with the pictures I’ve seen…. and this is your 2nd season… Wow!!! By the 3rd it’s gonna be massive by the grace of the Almighty. … Big ups to the judges especially Abimbola Are for the support and the fashion trainee participants… Well done to you WC!!! brilliant idea.


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