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Happy New Week!!! May all our dreams and vision for the week be fulfilled by God’s grace! Our prayers are with Nigeria our country and most importantly with the chibok girls. We declare peace into our country and families! Ongoing Brazil World cup, may the best team win (hopefully that’s Nigeria team) amen!

This post is about the fashion show we had for the first set of WC trainees. It was a huge success thanks to Almighty God, great family,friends and team. The fashion show held at No 11 adetayo osho strt, off folagoro strt somolu lagos (WC store). The show officially started out by 3pm by Wunmi Adebayo who gave a brief introduction on WC training school, and explained the essence of the show. We had three wonderful judges : Mrs Tope WIlliams- (C.E.O Martwayne Dynamics, fashion entrepreneur, you can check out her blog: www.fashionbeyondstitches.com),  Mr Adetunji Adebiyi ( C.E.O Rhobes  clothing company , a fast growing fashion outfit and a multi faceted young person , from fashion to public speaking, web site: www.rhobes.com) and the forever stylish Mrs Ngozi Akinyele( Management Consultant, very fashionable , she understands good clothing, she has been of tremendous help to the growth of WC). Special thanks to Mrs Tope Gbenga-Salu she was our MC, and she definitely kept us entertained.

The first designer to show case was Miss Kikelomo Adetula, the name of her collection was BLACK AND WHITE. She had amazing outfits. Kike’s inspiration was Night and Day: she wanted outfits that could transform and be worn either day time or at night. The show stopper for me was the white chord lace crop top, which was worn with a high – low pleated skirt, the outfit was very elegant and different and I could relate the piece to her aesthetic. Below are kike’s designs:




DSC02375 DSC02374 DSC02373

DSC02400 DSC02394photo



Designer:kike walking down the runway


The second designer to show case was Miss Opeyemi Hassan, the name of her collection was RAD( coined from radical). Yemi’s collection was beautifully executed, she had wonderful outfits, her finishing was impeccable, and what I loved most about her collection was you could see clearly that all pieces were from the same collection and could relate to her aesthetic. Below are yemi’s designs:

DSC02461 DSC02460 DSC02424 DSC02423 DSC02422DSC02427 DSC02426DSC02466 DSC02465DSC02494

DSC02504 DSC02512 DSC02505

designer yemi walking down the runway!

designer yemi walking down the runway!


The third designer to show case was Miss Juliet Iluobe, the name of her collection was DREAM GIRLS. Now Juliet impressed me with this collection, because she worked with a difficult fabric: jersey (it’s one of the most difficult fabric to cut and sew), she had an outfit she mixed jersey and Ankara.  Juliet’s inspiration was: ‘ everyday high street style’. Below are juliet’s designs:

DSC02539DSC02539 DSC02538 DSC02535 DSC02533 DSC02532 DSC02527 DSC02521 DSC02520DSC02548

MC:Mrs Tope Gbenga-Salu , posing with juliet and her child model.

MC:Mrs Tope Gbenga-Salu , posing with juliet and her child model.

designer: juliet and her child model.

designer: juliet and her child model.


The fourth designer to showcase was Miss Sekinah Alao, the name of her collection was AN-NISA. Her religion (Islam) inspired her; she wanted to show an ideal muslimah look that wasn’t too drab. Sekinah’s outfits were amazing, like every piece had a voice of its own, her choice of fabric, colour palette, styling, was fantastic. Her aesthetic definitely came through her collection, each piece you could identify with her.  Below her sekinah’s designs:


child model

DSC02575 DSC02594 DSC02593 DSC02577 DSC02574 DSC02571 DSC02570 DSC02566DSC02569

designer :sekinah and her models

designer :sekinah and her models

designer:sekinah carrying her child model

designer: sekinah carrying her child model and explaining her inspiration for her collection.

The fifth designer to show case was Miss Nkiru Onyimadu, the name of her collection was STYLE OVER FASHION. What I really loved about nkiru’s collection was the versatility; she had a wide range of designs, she kept the audience entertained. Nkiru got her inspiration from her fabrics. Below are Nkiru’s designs:


Designer : Nkiru and her model

DSC02674 DSC02672 DSC02666 DSC02661 DSC02654 DSC02650 DSC02648 DSC02641 DSC02642 DSC02636 DSC02635 DSC02631 DSC02625

designer: Nkiru and her models

Designer: Nkiru and her models


The sixth designer to showcase was Mrs Bukky Opara, the name of her collection was SIMPLY CHIC . Mrs Opara challenged herself with her collection, she worked with some difficult fabrics like jersey, stretch satin, I was impressed, because some professionals in the fashion industry don’t know how to handle such fabrics well. The show stopper for me in Mrs Opara’s Collection was the pokadot white n black top (the sleeves of these top was very interesting, a cut and style I have not seen before, the sleeves had an angular shape to it) paired with a high waist yellow skirt. Mrs Opara’s inspiration was simplicity. Below are Mrs Opara’s designs:

DSC02717 DSC02716 DSC02715 DSC02714 DSC02711 DSC02707 DSC02708 DSC02700 DSC02695 DSC02694

Designer:mrs Opara  walking down the runway

Designer: Mrs Opara walking down the runway


After all designers had showcased their collection, we presented the designers with their certificates. The certificates were presented by Dr Ayo Makanjuola, Business Partner at WC. Mr Adetunji Adebiyi then announced the designers with the highest scores and explained what the designers were graded on.  The Second Runner Up: Miss Opeyemi Hassan, she was presented with 2 dummy bodice hangers. The First Runner Up: Miss Nkiru Onyimadu, she was presented with an ironing pressing arm. The Winner : Miss Sekinah Alao, she was presented with a mannequin.

DSC02724 DSC02758 DSC02751

DSC02745 DSC02742 DSC02741 DSC02738 DSC02736DSC02733DSC02758

DSC02747DSC02733 DSC02731 DSC02730 DSC02729 DSC02726

Mr Adetunji announcing the scores has collated by the three judges.

Mr Adetunji announcing the scores has collated by the three judges.

2nd Runner Up :yemi

2nd Runner Up :yemi


1st Runner Up: Nkiru with her gift

1st Runner Up: Nkiru with her gift

The winner is sekinah!!!

The winner is sekinah!!!

Winner : Sekinah, her teacher and her gift

Winner : Sekinah, her teacher and her gift


sekinah and her friends

sekinah and her friends

Below are more pictures from the fashion show, we definitely had a great time.

wonderful judges: Mrs Tope Williams,Mr Adetunji Adebiyi, Mrs Ngozi Akinyele

wonderful judges: Mrs Tope Williams,Mr Adetunji Adebiyi, Mrs Ngozi Akinyele

DSC02435 DSC03132DSC03134 DSC02350 DSC02326 DSC02319 DSC02388DSC02345 DSC02311 DSC02326 DSC02309 DSC02308 DSC03116 DSC03115 DSC03114 DSC03110DSC02418 DSC02356 DSC02413 DSC02452DSC02624 DSC02586DSC02365


CONTACTS OF THE DESIGNERS (please call them to order any of the beautiful outfits you saw above, I can assure you they would deliver):

1 Kikelomo Adetula YEYE 08027741544 , hollaatkike@yahoo.com
2. Opeyemi Hassan RAFV 07065251668 , rafvwears@gmail.com
3 Juliet Iluobe House of Solange 07031679771, sjuliiet@yahoo,com
4 Sekinah Alao Still in view 07031918135, 08053812103, seki_babe@yahoo.com
5 Nkiru Onyimadu Still in view 08022308044, 08062406892 Rukytex4real@yahoo.com,
6 Bukky Opara  Anamanda  08055332768, bukky.adeokp@gmail.com


Watch these space for more updates on WC, we would be releasing our second collection soon, you won’t be disappointed. Please don’t forget to share this link with everyone you know and refer people to the WC store. For inquiries on WC training school, call:08160413107 or send a mail to : wunmmiescouture@yahoo.com.

FOOD FOR THOUGHT: :The sky is wide enough for everyone to fly, there is absolutely no need for pulling anyone down, instead help nurture people’s dreams and all your own dreams will be accomplished by God’s grace.

Thanks for reading the post!



  1. Bukiola

    Awwww…lovely collection. I still find it difficult to believe they were only trained for months! Great Job Wunmi…please let me know when it’s time for us to start buyin WC shares oo

    1. Wunmi Adebayo Post author

      thanks thanks bukky1 u alreadi have shares here !

  2. fatomilola victoria (mrs)

    What a success!!! This is quite amazing. Well done all con testers,the sky is your limit. Keep soaring. WC you are a GEM!!!

  3. Rasheedah

    Amazing Wunmi! U are really doin a gud job.Kip it up dear, d sky is ur starting point.

  4. chinyere

    Simply wonderful, †ђξ trainees styles are beautiful. People will find ȋ̝̊̅† difficult τ̲̅ȍ believe their trainning was just 3 months. Excellent work. ȋ̝̊̅† only goes τ̲̅ȍ show †ђξ quality θƒ training they received. Good job WC, †ђξ sky ȋ̝̊̅̄​Ƨ̷̜̩̌̋​ your starting point

  5. Kachi Onuma

    Wunmi great job! Hard to believe they are new designers. Love most of the pieces. You’re a great teacher and I’m so proud of you.

  6. shayo

    Lovely pieces by all the designers!! WC training school is definitely the place to be. Well done Wunmi, more grease to your elbow.

  7. MIRA FH

    Wow….am always inspired by your creativity….you really did a good job…God will increase WC in all ways….quite amazing!!!


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